Monday, May 11, 2015

The Testament of Hal Duncan

The Boy Who Loved Death Hal Duncan

It’s been damn near a decade since The Book of All Hours blew my tiny mind. Hal Duncan’s tremendous two-volume debut helped opened my eyes to a whole new world of words upon its release all those eons ago. He’s proven pretty prolific as an author and as an editor in the short story scene since—see Fabbles the first, Scruffians! and Caledonia Dreamin’—and as my two year tenure as co-curator of the Short Fiction Spotlight shows, I hope, I’m a huge fan of the form.

But sometimes a novel is needful. Sometimes authors require the room long-form fiction allows to thoroughly explore a theme or an idea. To wit, I’ve been watching Notes from New Sodom like a hawk, and in April, the aforementioned author teased something called Testament. I reached out to find out more about the project post-haste, and today, it’s my pleasure to tease you about Testament—not to mention The Boy Who Loved Death—in turn.

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