Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#SYTYCD prediction: Melanie wins

…can't wait til the finale.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


WWDC will be upon us in a few hours, so I thought I'd share some predictions with regards to iCloud. Word has gone around that iCloud is the new iTunes. What does this mean exactly? Consider that through the years, iTunes has added to its catalog so many things other than music that it's really a misnomer at this point. So it does make sense that a re-branding is in order. But if that was the only reason, then it really doesn't seem like enough to justify the rumor. So there must be more. I think this more might be a loosening of the strictures on media purchases currently enforced by industry fiat. Currently, purchasing music, movies, TV and other studio content is really just purchasing one-time download rights. This is where the cloud metaphor comes in. Instead of a vending machine where you buy each item piecemeal, you get an access anywhere, anytime with your purchase. Think the app store, where buying means unlocking unlimited downloads to licensed devices as often as you need. Of course I think there's more to this iCloud than we know, perhaps ubiquitous backup, or music-locker features, but that sums up my thoughts on the iCloud is the new iTunes meme. Can't wait for tomorrow to be proven wrong (or right as the case may be). Regardless, I'll be waiting for the famous "one more thing..."

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outside Aperture: fan made epilogue to Portal - Boing Boing

Love it! Almost perfect, what little quibbles I have with it are the title (I'd have preferred After Aperture, as in Life after...), the cake magazine design could've been better, the baking prep could've been more methodical, and the wall doodles could've used a bit more grunge. A favorite.

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Apple Pre-announced WWDC 2011 Keynote

Unusual for Apple, which set quite a few tongues wagging. What does it mean? Some say Apple is managing expectations, but I'd like to think it's to make the next “One more thing…” even more of a surprise. Whatever the case, we'll find out soon enough. I can't wait.

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